CBD Bath Bombs - CBD239
CBD Bath Bombs - CBD239
CBD Bath Bombs - CBD239
Nature's Script

CBD Bath Bombs - CBD239

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Nature’s Script CBD Bath Bomb variety pack contains all three variations of our luxurious bath bombs: The Pasithea, The Hypnos and The Asclepius. Each CBD Bath Bomb contains 75mg of premium CBD while also offering the pleasant fragrances of green tea and charcoal, eucalyptus and mint, and lavender and chamomile.

  • 3 CBD Bath Bombs per tube
  • 75mg of CBD per Bath Bomb (225mg of CBD total)
  • Bath bombs included: (1) Relax & Meditate, (1) Sleep & Rest, (1) Heal & Restore
  • ISO-certified third-party lab tested

Bath Bomb Varieties:

  • The Pasithea: Relax & Meditate. Exfoliating charcoal and soothing green tea.
  • The Hypnos: Sleep & Rest. Calming lavender and comforting chamomile.
  • The Asclepius: Heal & Restore. Bright eucalyptus and cool mint.

Sold individually or by the display of 4.

MSRP: $19.99

Price listed is for an individual pack of 3 bath bombs - to receive a display, simply order in multiples of 4 and we will include a display box at no extra charge. 

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